Blackout Game In High School Football

A Blackout game is a High School Football game where fans are encouraged to wear black clothing to school or work in support of the team. In High School Football, the Blackout game is dedicated to some impressive or thematic events.

This is not about the Blackout game that is occasionally held for NFL games; this is a HS Football game where fans show their support to the team by wearing black clothing. High School Football is the most popular sport in America, with over 6.5 million participants playing High School Football at some point during the season.

With such a large number of players, it’s no wonder that so many schools organize Blackout games for their teams. Blackout games in HS Football are a tradition for some teams and a source of confusion for others. But what exactly is a Blackout game? How do they work? What benefits do they have for student-athletes and fans alike? And are there any drawbacks to holding these events?

What is a Blackout Game in High School Football?

A Blackout game is a High School Football game where the colors of the school are worn by fans. Black, gold, and white are usually used as colors for these games because they’re traditional colors for many schools. Blackout games are usually held on Friday nights, but some schools hold them on other days of the week as well.

The purpose of having a Blackout game is to show pride in your school’s athletic teams and support them by wearing their colors at home games. If you attend an event like this, there will likely be plenty of other people wearing black or gold clothing in addition to you, and maybe even some who have painted themselves.

What is the History of Blackout Games in High School Football?

The first high school Blackout game was held in 1956 and has been around ever since. The origin of this tradition was to raise money for teams, but it’s evolved over time.

Blackout games began as a way for schools to raise money by selling tickets and having an audience wear black clothing or accessories at the game. The idea behind them is that you won’t be able to see where your friends are sitting if everyone else is wearing black clothes too.

The significance of these events has changed over time as well: originally, they were used primarily as fundraisers for athletic departments; now, many schools hold them for social causes such as mental health awareness or violence prevention programs (or simply because they want an excuse to dress up).

Why Do Schools Hold Blackout Games?

In a nutshell, Blackout games are meant to support your team and promote school spirit. They’re also a great way to raise money for a good cause.

Here’s why:

  • The first reason is obvious–it’s an opportunity for you as a student body to come together and support your team in their efforts on the field. This may not seem like much at first glance but think about it this way.

If people don’t show up in droves to support their favorite teams during regular season games (and especially playoff games), then those same players won’t have anywhere near as much motivation or drive when it comes time for them to step onto that field again next year. A Blackout game is one way of showing how important it is that everyone gets involved.

  • It can also be a way to raise money for the school or for a good cause. Additionally, holding a Blackout game can help to promote unity and togetherness among the student body.

How Do High School Football Teams Organize and Execute Blackout Games?

Organizing a Blackout game is a bit more complex than organizing other types of games. For example, schools have to make sure that they have enough uniforms and equipment for everyone who wants to participate in the game. High School Football teams typically organize and execute Blackout games as follows:

  • The team decides on a date and time for the game and then publicizes this information to their fans.
  • They also choose a theme for the game, such as “Blackout” or “whiteout,” and ask their fans to dress accordingly.
  • On the day of the game, the team arrives early at the stadium to warm up and go over their game plan.
  • They then take the field and execute their game plan, with the aim of winning and impressing their fans.
  • After the game, the team celebrates their victory with their fans and looks forward to their next game.
  • They also need to find ways to keep fans entertained during halftime and between quarters so that they don’t get bored or distracted from their work on the field.

In addition to organizing Blackout games, schools should be aware of some safety concerns related specifically to this type of event:

  • There are usually more people involved in these events than usual, so there may be more injuries (especially if there are fights).
  • It gets dark earlier during fall months, which means players can’t see as well as they would otherwise. this could lead them into dangerous situations like tripping over something on accident when trying not just to run but also catch passes or kick field goals at night time.

What is the Significance of Blackout Games to High School Football?

Blackout games are a way for high schools to show their pride in their school, and it’s an opportunity for students to have fun with friends.

For fans, Blackout games are a chance to show their support for their team in a unique way. Wearing black to a game creates a sense of unity and solidarity among fans, and it can also be a way to intimidate the opposing team’s fans. Blackout games also tend to be some of the most exciting and well-attended games of the season, so they’re always a big deal for HS Football programs.

For many people who grew up playing football in high school, it will always be one of their favorite memories from growing up, even if they didn’t make it into college or professional leagues.

What Are Some Popular Themes For Blackout Games and How Are They Executed?

Themes are a great way to get your fans excited about your game. Blackout games are no exception, but they come with their own set of challenges that you need to be prepared for. Here are some popular Blackout themes and how they’re executed:

  • “Blackout the Stadium” – This is the most common theme used in High School Football, where fans wear all-black clothing (or at least as much as possible) and dress up in some fun ways, like adding face paint or wearing masks to make it easier for others around them to identify who’s who.

It also encourages people not just from your school but from other schools in your area who might want something different than just another red-and-white jersey.

Keep safety concerns in mind when planning this type of event; make sure everyone has accessorized appropriately so they don’t trip when trying out new dance moves on their way back home after winning bragging rights over another team’s supporters.

  • “Blackout Bullying” – Another popular Blackout game theme is “Blackout bullying.” This theme aims to raise awareness about bullying prevention and promote kindness within schools. Schools may partner with anti-bullying organizations to provide resources and activities throughout the week leading up to the game.

Another common Blackout game theme is neon or glow-in-the-dark. This involves using black lights and neon paint to create a surreal environment both on the field and in the stands.

How Do Blackout Games Impact Team Morale and Community Support?

A Blackout game is a High School Football game where the home team wears all-black uniforms. In these games, the home team has a history of having better team morale, community support, and winning more often than they would otherwise.

Players are more likely to have fun during a Blackout game because they’re wearing cool uniforms that everyone wants to see them in. This also helps improve their confidence because they know everyone will be watching them play and cheering for them from the stands–it makes them feel like superstars.

Teams with great community support are harder for other teams to beat because there are so many people rooting for you at home games; it feels like an extra player on your side helping out with every play.

What Are Some Potential Safety Concerns Associated With Blackout Games?

Safety is always a concern in High School Football Games, but Blackout games are no different. You’ll want to make sure your team has a plan in place for any emergency or severe weather that might arise during the game.

If there’s a power outage, how will you communicate with coaches? And what if there’s an emergency? Will everyone know where they need to go, who they should contact, and what they should do when they get there?

If you are playing in a large group, it is important to make sure that everyone knows the boundaries of the playing area. Because these games are typically played in the dark, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and be careful not to trip or fall.

If you’re planning on playing at night without lights on your field (or if you’re going up against an opponent who plays without lights), it would be wise for both team’s coaches and players alike to take some time before kickoff just thinking about these things so everyone feels prepared when things get hectic later on in the evening.

What is the Future of Blackout Games in High School Football?

As the popularity of Blackout games continues to grow, it’s important to consider what the future holds for this tradition. Will Blackout games continue to be popular? Or will they fade away as another example of how HS sports are becoming increasingly commercialized and corporatized?

What Are Some New Ideas For Blackout Games?

Blackout games have been around since at least the 1990s, but there hasn’t been much innovation in that time period. As such, many schools are looking for new ways to make their games stand out from all others before they run out of ideas entirely.

One idea that has proven popular is having special uniforms designed by local celebrities or professional athletes (e.g., LeBron James). This can help bring in more fans because people want their picture taken with these famous individuals while also showing support for their school pride by wearing something exclusive that no one else has access to.

How Can Blackout Games Be Improved Upon?

There are a few ways that Blackout games in High School Football can be improved upon. One way is to make sure that the field is well-lit so that players can see where they’re going and avoid injuries.

Another way is to make sure that the stands are not too crowded so that people can move around and not be in each other’s way. Finally, it is important to make sure that the music is not too loud so that people can actually hear the announcers and understand what is going on.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Blackout Game


  • Allows fans to show their school spirit by wearing black or dark-colored clothing to the game.
  • Encourages students and alumni to attend the game in order to support their team, as well as each other.


  • It can be difficult for people who do not match the color scheme of the school’s apparel to find something appropriate to wear during a Blackout game, which may make them feel left out or uncomfortable during events such as tailgating parties before kickoff.


In conclusion, Blackout games are a great way for High School Football teams to support their communities and raise awareness about important causes. They can also be a source of team morale and community pride.

However, there are some potential safety concerns associated with these events that need to be considered before planning one for your team or school.

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